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Well people, its time for me to jump out of the support vehicle and back into Lycra and ride for change.

Its been over a decade since I last participated in a ride as a RIDER and ASKED ANYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT. I don't do anything in life I don't believe in and what I am about to do is really important to me and I would like to think it is important to you too, and I would very much welcome your support and encouragement.

The ride I am about to embark on in June 2019 is 650 k of gravel, sand, water, dirt ... shortest days will be 60 k and longest around 120 k. We will meet with remote indigenous communities and do what we can to spread the word to everyone we meet that "its ok not to be ok" ... but its important we talk about it.

It is estimated that one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives and I have sadly known of more people who have died from mental health than any other health disorder or disease. Around 450 million people currently suffer from mental health conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide (World Health Organisation 2017). Australia is an amazing country, but we are not immune from this reality and no one person is immune either.

So I am riding from Cairns to Cape York on gravel roads from June 1 to June 9 2019, over some of Australia’s most remote country to raise awareness for Mental Health and to engage with Communities along the way. Many of our riders on this tour have personal stories that motivate them to be involved in this ride and who will inspire me to dig deep when I need too.

We need to destigmatise Mental Health, raise awareness and talk about the challenges many Australians face but like everything important in life, we need money to fund research and to find answers, to fund treatments and to save lives.

Please stop for a moment and help me make a difference

My Updates

28 May 2019

Not long now and $6,500 in the Bank. Thanks team x

27 May 2019


Apologies for the typos in my previous post. Think you can guess the mistakes.

Again thank you and much love.


27 May 2019

3 rides done on the MTB but plenty done on road. Journey starts this Fri with the actually ride starting Sat. Can’t wait.

36 people have helped raise $6,000. Just amazing. Thank you so so much.

Will ensure I honor your support by doing all I can’t to contribute to a great event.

Much love. Kent

15 Feb 2019

Just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me thus far and supported those suffering with a mental illness. The MTB Ride is less than 5 months away now and I have tasted some dirt. So so different to road riding. My plan remains to get road fit and just work it out come the event. My view from day 1 has always been to prepare my head and my body for exercise through more intense road riding and gym and then just deal with it. I feel I am well on course 👏

03 Jan 2019

Basil Carcinoma to be removed on knee tomorrow. Going to put my training back a few weeks. Good time to focus on food and health.

02 Jan 2019

30 day to healthy living with Arbonne kicks off Monday. Prep for me is Fundraiser, Bike Fit, Health Check. Plan will be to do a 30 day healthy plan Jan and again in May. I need to ensure come end of March I am in ok shape. Work picks up March to May. So need to stay ahead of the game. #mentalhealth #exerciseyourmood

02 Jan 2019

Looks like the perfect drinks and snack bike for the tour.

01 Jan 2019

2019 has started with a bang. $4,000 raised against my $3,500 target. I can’t thank my network enough. Feeling very blessed right now.

30 Dec 2018

Good time of year to reset your happy goals. This time a few years ago I did just that. Went on a mental health plan and really invested time into finding happiness. The world is the same and I have the same struggles but I do see it differently and feel very blessed.

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