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Sam's Cairns to Torres Strait Fundraising

Versent TourXOz 2019


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It is estimated that one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide (World Health Organisation 2017). Australia is an amazing country, but we are not immune from this reality.

I am riding from Cairns to Cape York through some of Australia’s most remote country to raise awareness for Mental Health and to engage with Communities along the way. Many of our riders have personal stories that motivate them to be involved in this important activity. We need to destigmatise Mental Health, raise awareness and talk about the challenges many Australians face.

I'm not a bike rider, but I'm committing to riding 646km over a week on some very rough road/trails and in tough humid weather. So I'll be buying a decent bike, and maybe? probably? wearing some lycra along the way..., Training for 6 months and then smashing the ride on the 1st - 9th of June.

So would like to ask for two things,

1) A donation to help fund the cause, every little bit helps me reach $3500
2) A rally call at your place of work or to family/friends on my behalf.

It's not a small target so going to really need some help, even if it's just $5 from friends of friends!

Thanks in advance for your support!

My Updates

10 Jun 2019

Completed! 666kms was an amazing ride. Super challenging and so rewarding. Great to see far north Queensland and the Torres strait! Thankyou for all support!

25 May 2019

Carb loading

21 May 2019

Smashed 134km at 20km/h on Sunday with a bunch of the versent crew. That week have to do! 10 days to go!

23 Apr 2019

Used the Easter long weekend to get some much needed consecutive milage in. Still struggling to commit the hours necessary to churn through the km's. But the weekend was the perfect opportunity.

3 Consecutive rides, 80km, 80km and 55km on 3 different tracks, both alone and with friends. Was a great weekend that totally exercised my mind over muscle.

19 Mar 2019

So far in training, I've managed to do what I'll have have to do in 10 days.

~10 weeks to go, starting to put in bigger rides more regularly.

40km is fairly standard, with 80km betting my biggest ride to date and that was a bit of a push.

Biggest challenge atm is committing the hours necessary in order to do big distances.

05 Feb 2019

Had my first MTB track run at the You Yangs on the weekend. Was a solid 19km with a few of the other Versent crew. One of whom kindly had a go pro to capture my two stacks, my first tree collect and sand wash out.

12 Jan 2019

Been a busy start to the new year.

Bought a bike that will do the job (my first bike in 20 years) - a 2nd hand 2013 Specialized StumpJumper Carbon FSR Comp (I think? too much lingo)... And completed my first ride today, 5km over 30 mins, getting a feel for the bike, quite happy with it.

The rest of January going to be getting used to it on asphalt/park grounds and building up some distance.

16 Oct 2018

Despite currently holding in Europe, I managed to start my bike training. Only one day... Was sore the next haha. First time on a bike in over 15 years!

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