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Recommended Kit List

Kit List: This list is not exhaustive but recommended:


  • 1 x recently serviced road bike with new tyres and tubes
  • 1 x Australian Standard Approved Cycling Helmet
  • 1 x Red flashing rear light
  • 1 x Pair of cycling shoes
  • 2 x bottles
  • 1 x riding glasses with spare lenses 
  • Socks – as many pairs as you need
  • Loose trousers/tops for bus travel
  • Medicines – those that are specific to you. We will have a full medic kit & 2 x Dr.’s with us
  • Loose pair of shoes/thongs for bus travel
  • 1 x Large bag for clothes – goes in the hold of the bus
  • 1 x Day bag/Rucksack for the bus be better if TXOZ provided these I reckon this should be a consistent size
  • 1 x Cardboard bike box to transport to Perth and from Broome – hard bike boxes are very difficult to transport, if you have a soft bicycle bag we can accommodate that

Recommended – Highly:

  • 2 x pair of gel gloves
  • 1 x spare set of shoe cleats
  • 2 x head protection from the sun
  • Any preferred nutrition – gels, bars, etc. note we provide standard nutrition so only personal needs above that
  • Specific spares – specific spares if you have a different bike setup
  • Full set of spare spokes – especially for fancy wheels
  • Bike computer + charging kit
  • Any charging kit for your bike – Di2’s, Lights, Garmins etc.


  • Spare bibs – we will provide kit but you may need your own for some reason
  • Sun protection arms 
  • Bike bento box – useful for less confident riders to store food and supplies in