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Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Be a Fundraising Superstar!

Your page is created as part of your event registration

When you register to participate in TourXOz, your fundraising page is part of the step-by-step flow. If you exited out of the process before setting up your fundraising page, there is also a link in your Registration Confirmation email.

Share your page

To get started simply write a few quick words about what you are doing and what your cause means to you and share with your family, friends and colleagues. Be sure to share you page on social media using the buttons located on your fundraising page.

Personalise your fundraising page & lead the way

Although there is a default message on your page you can login and personalise it right now. Uploading your own image and explaining in your own words why you are fundraising will encourage people to donate. Regular updates are also a great idea! It also really helps to kick off your fundraising with a donation yourself. Hot tip: donate what you would like your friends to, people tend to follow what others have donated before. Personalising your page & kick off your fundraising – people will follow!