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Meet The Team

A Passionate Group of People

Behind every great event is a team of passionate people who volunteer and dedicate their own time bring together the TourXOz.

Gary Denman


I am a founding member, together with Neil Jackson, of the Perth to Sydney bicycle ride and in 2010 we crossed Australia with six other cyclists to raise funds for the Smith Family. It was during this ride that I began to appreciate the Australian landscape, its vastness and isolation. I also realised the physical and emotional challenges faced by many of the rural and remote communities living in outback Australia.

Mental health became an important part of our quest to organise another, similar cycling event. Our 2013 Perth2Sydney event supported the great work of the Black Dog Institute and we will continue our support for them with the 2015 TourXOz trip. Many of the participants are touched by mental health or know someone close who is affected. The 2015 event will be no different to our previous ride as we raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.

I am an Englishman (don’t hold that against me!) inspired by a great cause and happiest when I’m either on my bike or with my family. My wife Deb joined me as a volunteer in the 2103 ride and she was so moved by the individuals she spoke with that she’s become a Lifeline volunteer. I have two beautiful children and I’m the managing director of McAfee, a provider of Security solutions. I also like to spend my time bush walking, enjoying fine wine, spicy Asian food and engaging company.

Neil Jackson


I grew up in the Black Country, south of Birmingham in England. It got its name from the seam of coal that runs a metre underground. It’s also a distinct working class part of the UK and my ‘Brummy’ accent is still evident to this day even after living in Australia for 26 years!

My passions are West Bromwich Albion Football Team, my family (wife Vicki and children, Tom 18 and Alexandra 14). We’re a tightly knit family owing to the fact we have very few relatives both here and abroad.Aside from my family, cycling and mountaineering are my obsessions. Although I’m an active rider, I frequently dream about climbing some of the grand mountains in the Himalayas. It’s a dream that I know will come true one day as once I’ve committed to something I tend to complete the task!

I’ve been committed to raising funds for lots of causes in the past. This particular cycling trip is about something close to my heart – supporting mental health research and community outreach. I have depression in the family on my grandmother’s side and have lost people very close to me through mental health issues. I’m dedicating this ride to my cousin Nicholas Hooper.

Stefan Jansen


I’m a passionate Dutchman with a big heart for Australia. Every morning (well… most mornings) I wake up with a smile realising how lucky I am to live in such a great country with my family, friends and those noisy birds that keep laughing at me…the kookaburras.

I felt a little unsure about my riding abilities when I decided to participate in the 2013 Perth2Sydney Black Dog Ride Across Australia. I wasn’t a serious cyclist and I hadn’t actively been on a bike since the 1980s when I would regularly cycle to school in Holland…on flat terrain! You can imagine how thrilled I was, and how stunned my fellow riders were,when I won the KOM (King of the Mountain) jersey on one of the few hills we encountered in our 4,200km journey across Australia in 2013! The experience through the centre in 2015 was incredible.

Our previous TourXOz rides have been incredible experiences from the many friendships made to the physical and emotional challenges. I’ve already signed up for my 3rd ride in 2017, cycling from Perth to Broome. This time, I intend to raise more funds for research supporting people with mental illness.

I am committed to this bi-annual event as an organise with Neil Jackson and Gary Denman as a director of TourXOz. It’s a formidable task and I’m proud to be part of such a great team.

When my head’s not in the Cloud, I work hard selling for Amazon Web Services.My real thrill comes from my family, my beautiful wife Daphne who supports me with all my endeavours and my two boys, Tim and Nick, who are soccer crazy!

Ron Krueger


Ron Krueger is a writer, rider and the communications expert for TourXOz. He’s most at ease when either grinding the pedals up a mountain or tapping the keyboard to create another story.

He grew up in Canberra (not his choice!), studying Professional Writing at Canberra University before starting his Grand Adventure of Australia – several attempts at circling this vast continent either hitchhiking or by motorbike.

He’s worked for a number of publishing houses including the world’s largest trade publishing house, Reed Business Information Services. He then devoted 13 years of his work life to the backbone of the Australian economy, the small to medium size businesses, as managing editor and then communications manager for not-for-profit business support group, NSW Business Chamber.

Nowadays, he’s househusband to fellow writer, Victoria (who he met on his Grand European Tour), and doting dad to two young girls, Zoe and Poppy. Over the past decade he has actively volunteered his services for causes such as climate change and cycling.

He prides himself on his garden, his ability to build rock walls and the establishment of the notorious Red Wine Laundry Club!